Our mission at Leaf & Grain is simple. Food can be tasty and filling, and still be really good for you. There's no reason to compromise. We offer food that is both good for you and satisfying—it doesn’t make our menu if it doesn’t meet that second standard.

We want to make it easier for people to put the right things in their body, without feeling like they’re having to make a sacrifice. That's our mission.

Hope you like it.

The Leaf and Grain Team




We’ve put a lot of thinking and hard work into our catering offering, and we really hope you like it. We know your team will enjoy the food (we did a ton of product testing), but we’ve focused just as much on making things easy on your end. Send us an email at, and let us make your next meeting a success.


See our printable menu above.

Send us an email at to place an order or ask for a recommendation.

Join the team

Interested in joining the Leaf & Grain Team? Apply through the APPLY TO L&G link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are growing fast and are looking for energetic, friendly, hard-working people to join our team and grow with us! Keep scrolling to learn more about our company!

Questions? Email

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How to Apply

1. Send your updated resume (or a list of previous employment with start and end dates) to

2. Apply through our online portal (link below).

We read all applications, and then will contact our candidates via email to continue with the application process. We have a quick turnaround time, so be sure to check your email regularly after applying!

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At Leaf & Grain, we prioritize a positive work culture because we care about our employees. When you join the L&G Team, we are investing in you as a person and as a Team Member. For us, that means helping you grow professionally in terms of your technical skill set, as well as your advancement within the company.

We have a purpose.

When Leaf & Grain opened, we had a mission to provide more healthy eating options for the Downtown Houston area, but more importantly, to make an impact on customers’ lives and help them through the week. Our goal is to provide hearty, healthy lunches, and make people laugh along the way. After all, the work week can be tough, and sometimes a simple “Hello, how are you?” can change the path of someone’s day.

Team Environment

We work together. Everyone at Leaf & Grain, along with the managers and owners, works side by side on prep, making salads, etc. We have a culture founded on teamwork, loyalty, and trust. To say it simply, we’ve got your back if you’ve got ours!

SO, if you like to make salads (or want to learn!) and make people smile, come and join the L&G Team. We’re excited to meet you!

Leaf & Grain has a positive team energy. Everyone gets along, and everyone is included. That’s different from other places I’ve worked.
— Aaron S
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  • Above market pay

  • Positive work environment

  • Flexible schedule

  • No weekend or night shifts

  • Get a free, healthy lunch with each shift

  • Opportunity to advance within the company - we are growing fast and want you to grow with us!

  • Opportunity to develop technical and leadership skills

  • Positive energy

Feature 1

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What we look for:

  • Positive, can-do attitude

  • Willingness to help out wherever needed.

    • We’re a team, and it’s important to have each others’ backs.

  • Willingness to learn new tasks (the menu, how to prepare ingredients L&G style, etc)

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Reliable team members looking for long-term employment

  • No restaurant experience required (for Team Member position)

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Job Openings

We currently have two available positions: Team Member and Food Prep. To learn more about the job responsibilities and requirements, click the links below!

Leaf & Grain celebrating International Women’s Day!

Leaf & Grain celebrating International Women’s Day!


We’re looking forward to meeting you! Have more questions? Reach out to for answers.

Leaf & Grain Hours and Location

Location                                Hours

**FOURTH** FLOOR                     Mon-Fri: 11:00a–3:00p
1200 McKinney St                       Sat-Sun: closed
Houston, TX 77010